Chef of an Italian restaurant for almost 10 years and “fallen” into the catering business at 16 years old, Alexandre is a passionate of Italian gastronomy. His love for the Cinques Terres village of Vernazza and his passion for the Italian cooking gave him the idea to share, through its business located in La Paquelais (municipality of Vigneux de Bretagne), his expertise.

In his store that is both a caterer and a delicatessen, Alexandre introduces you to the products of his small Italian suppliers. Cooked meats, cheeses, fresh pasta, sauces, wines, lasagna and Italian desserts such as Tiramisu will delight the taste buds.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice, food and wine pairings will be gladly provided to you. Come and meet a passionate of Italian gastronomy and enjoy an authentic culinary experience.

Village of Vernazza, Italy