Here is a selection of delicatessen offered at Vernazza.

Salted meat
Italian ham (matured 12 months)
Parma ham (matured 16/18 months)
San Daniele ham (matured 24 months)
Parma ham (matured 24 months)
Herbs braised ham
Bocconcino sausage
Brési of beef
Parma Golfetta
Mortadella with summer truffle
Mortadella with pistachio
Smoked Ungherese (fat-free salami)
Spianata Piccante
Spianata Romana
Felino sausage
To serve cooked or not
Neapolitan sausage
Guanciale (carbonara)
Pancetta Coppata
Coppa Magretta (matured 6 months)
To serve cooked
‘Nduja (sausage)