Find all our savory section displayed in the store.

Lumache Rigate Pasta
Tofe Pasta
Casarecce Pasta
Spaghetti Pasta
Green pesto (basil)
Green pesto (basil)
Pesto of pistachio
Sicilian pesto (rosso, tomatoes, hot peppers)
Pesto with tomatoes and basil
Bell peppers cream
Artichoke cream
Cream of ceps and white truffle
Pear jam with black truffle
Summer truffle carpaccio
Summer truffle sauce
Arrabiata sauce (spicy neapolitan)
Cheese and pepper sauce
Oils and Balsamics
Extra virgin olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil (vintage can)
Olive oil with chilli pepper
Lemon olive oil
Black truffle oil
Balsamic cream
White balsamic cream
Balsamic vinegar from Modena
Balsamic vinegar from Modena
Black balsamic vinegar
White balsamic vinegar
Risotto of tomatoes and basil
Risotto of green asparagus
Cannelloni for filling
For the appetizer
Taralli with tomato and oregano
Onion Taralli
Crackers with tomato and basil